PCCovid App: Vietnam Health Declaration App

What is PC-Covid Vietnam app?

PC-Covid is the National COVID-19 prevention and control application of Viet Nam, which is applicable to people who are living and traveling in Vietnam. It is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store provides a COVID-19 card which serves as proof of COVID vaccinated or recovered individuals. Besides that, it also serves as ​​an app Vietnam health declaration form whenever you check in to places

Vietnam Health Declaration App

Is this Vietnam Health Declaration App PC-Covid always correct?

Not everything is always correct and sometimes this app is missing some information. However, people who got vaccinated outside of Vietnam or are having issues with the vaccination centers not properly uploading your record, can now self-declare and upload their vaccination record directly to the PCCovid app.

Step by step how to integrate vaccination record with PCCovid

These tips work for both subjects who got their jabs in and outside Vietnam to get the green pass.

1. On the main home screen for the PCCovid app, select the option for vaccination record information underneath your name on the left side. The screen in the first screenshot will show up, select the paper wallet to begin the self-declaration.

2. Enter the required information into the app.

3. Upload proof of your vaccination certificate. For persons who were vaccinated in the US, the CDC card you got at the vaccination site will suffice. If you are missing this you can request an electronic document from the relevant health authorities in your jurisdiction.

4. After you enter all the information and upload proof, the fourth screenshot is what your vaccination information screen will look like.

5. Your QR code should now show up as green.


You must have a Vietnam mobile number to register and use the green pass mobile app. Overseas numbers are not recommended.

To update the green pass when you get jabed outside Vietnam, you need to inject 1 in 5 vaccines below (in the photo below). Others vaccines which even are recognized by Vietnam Health department, but not in the list, which is not supported in the app yet (I called them directly and asked about that)

Hope the article helps somehow!

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