Q&A for Expats returning to Vietnam in Covid time [Updated 9 Jan 2022] – Hochiminh

Understanding many people want to return to Vietnam at this hectic time, and here are some questions that many people asked:

1. Can I quarantine at home? What I will need to do if I want to do home quarantine?

Yes, find out more information here: How to ask for home quarantine for expats

2. Do I need the airport pick-up service?

No. Detailed requirements for the transport of entrants from the border checkpoint to the place of residence/ accommodation

– For entrants: subject to the 5K rules during the movement from the border checkpoint to the place of residence/accommodation.

– For drivers of vehicles that transport entrants; limit stopping and parking along the road; in case special/emergency cases require to stop and parking along the road, safety measures must be taken to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. How I can do the Covid PCR test on the 3rd day? Will I go to the health department or how?

You can contact the district health department (don’t forget to ask for the phone number when you apply the form to ask for home quarantine) and they will send someone to go to your place and collect the sample. The cost of the PCR test will be roughly around 30usd (600,000 VND)

Or you can call some clinics like Vinmec, FV Hospital, Careplus… They do have the PCR testing service at home. The price will be higher… Fv Hospital (price around 200usd), Careplus (50usd)

=> The result will come in 24 hours

4. How to integrate vaccination records with PCCovid

Find out step by step here: Click here

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